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Facilitated Play/ Social Group

Accident Waiver and Release of Liability Form 

I hereby give my permission for my child(ren) to participate in the Life Skills Hub Facilitated PlayGroups. I understand that each group will have a lead facilitator and an assistant facilitator will also be present. The group sizes will range from 4-6 children.

In the event of illness, injury, and/or accident, I authorize the Life Skills Hub staff to act on my behalf. They may approve any and all non-emergency or emergency treatment and are authorized to sign any and all medical release or required form(s) on my behalf. In the event of an emergency, I understand that I will be notified of the situation as soon as practicable. I agree to pay any necessary expenses incurred in the medical treatment of my child, including, but not limited to all transportation costs to and from a medical facility, and, if necessary, transportation to my home or medical facility of choice. If my child has a pre-existing condition, I am required to provide an adult who will administer medications and care for my child’s medical needs. I understand that this individual will be required to complete the Life Skills Hub special needs training. 

I understand that Life Skills Hub may, in its sole discretion, dismiss any participant for inappropriate, disrespectful, or dangerous behavior at any time. In this event, I understand that I will not receive a refund of fees for unattended days. If my child breaks or damages any property as a result of their direct or indirect behavior, I hereby agree to pay for its repair or replacement. If my child requires one to one adult supervision, I am responsible for providing that individual who must complete the Life Skills Hub special needs training.

I understand that Life Skills Hub is not liable for any injuries or other occurrences due to indoor and outdoor activities or related risks, and/or the actions or omissions of Life Skills Hub volunteers, employees, trustees, directors, officers, or any other entities being released. 

I understand that I must provide all food or beverages for my child’s consumption, if needed.

I understand that my child’s placement is secure once my payment has been processed. If I am late for pick-up, I will be charged QAR 20 for every 10 minutes of tardiness, or if I refuse to pay the additional charges my child will no longer be able to participate in Life Skills HUB facilitated play/ social group.

I understand that while participating in this activity, my child and any other participants may be photographed. I agree to allow their photo, video, or film likeness to be used for any legitimate purpose by the activity holders, producers, sponsors, organizers, and assigns.



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